Saturday, 20 September 2014

I miss blogging!

I can't believe I haven't blogged for nearly 4 months!  I think about my blog every day and before I know it, its bedtime and another day has passed and I'm exhausted!

As I look back through a couple of my previous posts they are all focused on having no me time and feeling pretty unorganised.  Lets just way if I managed to have a cup of tea during the day I appreciate that as my me time and I'm certainly feeling a lot more organised!

So where have I been…..nowhere is the answer!  The summer holidays flew by. I'm now childminding practically full time and the paperwork has been piling up just as I think I'm on top of it a new legislation comes out and I've got to update everything. Papa penguin has been working working working!  He works an awful lot!  Some weeks its really stressful on both parts and others its great when a whole weekend goes by that he doesn't have to take a call (thats very rare!). 

Master penguin (aged 4.5) has just started school and Miss penguin (nearly 2) is certainly keeping me on my toes. She can be the funniest little girl one minute but a second later throwing a little tantrum as she enters the terrible twos!

First day of school for Master penguin

I've been busy cooking yummy meals and posting pictures on my Instagram and Pinterest accounts.  I hope to be able to back these up with recipes soon.

Who knows when I'll blog next, I know I'll get into a routine soon but for now here I am with some time to spare and a little catch up.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

The Gallery - One Word - Selfie

TheGalleryThe theme for this weeks Gallery over at Sticky Fingers is One Word.


That my word for the week. This is Master Penguin's first selfie taken on Sunday!

His auntie works as a photographer on a cruise ship and she was back for the weekend and teached him how to use a camera!  Never to early to learn!

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Weekly Meal Plan

Monday - Steak Casserole (cooked in the slow cooker) served with a puff pastry topping
Tuesday - Hunters Chicken
Wednesday - Chill con carne from the Freezer
Thursday - Red Thai Chicken Curry from the freezer
Friday - Risotto from the freezer

Meal Planning Monday

Friday, 16 May 2014

Product of the Week - Ped Egg

How nice has the weather been this week!  I can happily say I live in Sunny Surrey!!!!!

So with the nice weather been more body exposure!  As said before I'm not a beauty blog but of course like most women out there I like to spend (if I can find it) a little bit of time to make myself feel nice!

So I'll start with the Ped Egg!  Sadly I will not be sharing any pictures of my feet, I don't think you want to see them anyway as I only have 9 toenails….unless you have a weird foot fetish! You will have to take my word!

The Ped Egg is great, even if slightly disturbingly gross!  My husband calls it a real cheesy grater and can't bear to watch me use it.  Some things should stay behind closed doors!  I use it after having a shower and before moisturising my feet. I basically grate the hard rough bits of skin found on the heel, bottom of pinky and bottom of big toe.  I'm sure others have hard skin in other places but these are my problem areas.

I give all areas a good grating in all directions.  It doesn't hurt.  And then I apply some moisturiser and socks. Then I empty all the dead skin in the bin….worst bit in my opinion!

So if you want smooth feet for the summer then get yourself a Ped Egg - they retail at about £9.99 and a great buy! Don't forget to wash your cheesy hands after use!

Disclaimer: This is my own personal review and I have received no payment for this post.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

The Gallery - Up Close & Personal

TheGalleryThe theme for this weeks Gallery over at Sticky Fingers is Up Close & Personal.

I haven't taken many pictures this week.  However I had a daily battle with miss penguin's hair. She is 18 months old.  I never know if she will wake up with it curly or straight!

Her fringe is mad!  The other morning she woke with this amazing side sweeping fringe.  A few days later she had ringlet curls!

I have lots of people stop me in the street (mainly the elderly) to tell me how gorgeous her hair is.  With my son too!  So I share a picture of them each!

My second picture is of master penguin showing of his and papa penguin's master piece.  Its one of those gift in a tin build it yourself.  Great fun!

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Dinosaur party

Toddler penguin is now 4!!!! Therefore from now on as he is no longer a toddler he shall be called Master Penguin!

We had a dinosaur party. Thought I'd share our day….here is his invitation…

We hired a hall and as I'm not a fan of children running around on a sugar high I had some craft areas set up and I did the entertainment!  

There was make your own dinosaur foam mask and decorate dinosaur finger puppets, both of which were bought from Baker Ross. We had a decorate a dinosaur egg biscuit and have your face painted.  Luckily my neighbour and friend are handy with a paintbrush so did the face painting (think I saved about £70 there!). I also got my hands on mini dinosaur tattoos which the kids loved!

Then for party games we did pass the parcel, musical bumps and musical dinosaurs.  This involved lots of printouts of dinosaurs placed on the floor and the children have to stand on them.  When the music starts the dancing around in circles and we take one away. Bit like musical chairs but with pieces of paper! I found pass the parcel to be the most stressful, not sure I'll do that again!

For food we had way too many sandwiches!  I did for the kids cream cheese, jam and ham sarnies as well as cocktail sausages, sausage rolls and veg sticks.  The adult had egg mayo and ham sarnies and I did two quiches as well.  One from the lactofree website and a spinach, feta and tomato one which I based on this recipe but made it dairy free (free from cows milk). Of course we had lots of crisps and dips to feast on and Pimms! Kids drank small bottles of water and fruit shoots.

Now to the cake! With the help of papa penguin this is our cake we made!

Check out my pinterest board for more dinosaur ideas!

Me Time

Further to a previous posts I decided that I need to make more time for myself.

Me Time - Oxford Dictionary definition:
Time spent relaxing on one’s own as opposed to working or doing things for others, seen as an opportunity to reduce stress or restore energy

So I had a bath!

I don't normally enjoy baths.  I like the idea of them however having a bath can actually be quite time consuming. I like to have the water quite hot. Between 40-41°C. I also feel like I need to make full use of the water as I like them to be deep.  Therefore I can be in there for about 30-45 minutes.  I just don't have that kind of time on my side.  However one night this I was cooking a chicken korma, hoovering and then trying to steam mop all at once.  I tripped over the steam mop as I noticed the rice was bubbling over. And I broke it. Frustration! I had lost my appetite and decided that I needed to chill. Hence the bath.

I really enjoyed my bath.  I don't think I'll be doing it every week but its a nice place to disappear to when you fill like everything is on top of you.  I turned the lights off, lit lots of candles and read my book.  I'm reading Little Beach Street Bakery by Jenny Colgan. I love her range of little shop books! So the next night I went to bed at 9pm and read some more!

I've decided to make space once a week for me.  Just me!  That means no housework. No cleaning. Nothing.  A bath.  A book.  A magazine. Just me me me me me!!!!!